In an effort to give back to the community, bring awareness to the Federation and increase member involvement, Campaign for Community was created. AAF-BR built a committee to plan and create an inspiring event where creative individuals, supporting members, and additional resources could be brought together to provide a marketing campaign for a non-profit within the Baton Rouge community.

The concept for this project is to build an “AAF-BR Agency” that would be made up of various advertising professionals who would collaborate to create an advertising campaign for a local non-profit.

Every January AAF-BR chooses a local non-profit that would inspire volunteers and be willing to give volunteers creative flexibility and freedom to create an effective campaign in a short amount of time. This opportunity is promoted to all advertising professionals including account managers, art directors, designers, writers, photographers, PR/social media specialists, and web developers from all agencies, firms, and freelancers, etc. Members, non-members and students are all welcome.

Applications can be downloaded at any time and submitted to Natasha Clark. Applications will be reviewed in November and applicants will be contacted at that time.

Download Application