Pay Dues

Returning Individual

Pay My Dues

Available to Individuals.

This membership level is specifically for returning individual members and costs $220 per year – paid annually at the beginning of the fiscal year (July). The Federation will accept company or firm-sponsored member so long as the signature of the financially responsible party is included on the application form. Full Membership shall include admission at no charge beyond Full Membership dues to monthly program meetings and some special events (excluding special ticketed events). If a member is unable to attend a monthly program meeting or special event (excluding special ticketed events), he/she may send a representative in his/her place. The representative must be employed by the same employer as the member, and the representative may attend the function at no charge, just as the member would.



Returning Company

Pay My Dues

Available to companies purchasing 3 or more Individual memberships.

If a company is paying for 3 members or more, each membership shall be $200 – paid annually at the beginning of the fiscal year (July). Dues will be paid with a company check or corporate credit card and member luncheon guest fees are reduced to $25 at this member level.



Returning Student

Pay My Dues

Available to individuals currently enrolled at a local institution of higher learning as a full-time student

If you are currently enrolled full-time at a local institution of higher learning and a returning member of AAF-BR, this membership is available for $50 per year – paid annually at the beginning of the fiscal year (July). This student membership allows attendance to the monthly professional development luncheons at a deeply discounted rate of $5 per luncheon (regularly $35). Other discounted benefits include discounted ADDY entry fees and discounts to AAF professional functions.

A membership with AAF-Baton Rouge does not include membership with a college chapter. Membership in a college chapter is a separate membership with AAF.  If students intend to compete in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) or participate in any AAF National College Chapter programming, students MUST join the AAF National College Chapter network through their college chapter advisor or on the official AAF website (