2024 AAF-BR Student Scholarship sponsored by DAA Media + Marketing

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Thanks to this year’s student scholarship sponsor DAA Media + Marketing for their generous donation, which the club has also matched!!!

The winning student will now get a check made out to them for $2,000 plus an honorary one-year membership in the American Advertising Federation – Baton Rouge!!!


The American Advertising Federation – Baton Rouge (AAF-BR) is honored to present the AAF-BR Student Scholarship, which is designed to reward an outstanding student who has shown significant professional promise and a commitment to a career in the advertising, communications, graphic design, and marketing industries.


Eligibility Requirements:
1. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 overall grade point average.
2. Applicants must be within five semesters of graduation from an accredited university or college located in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas in a degree program related to the advertising, communications, graphic design, and marketing industries. (Note: Graduating seniors are ineligible for the scholarship unless accepted into an accredited graduate or professional program related to advertising.)

Applicant Requirements:
All applicants must include items 1, 2, 3, and 4 with the completed application (page 2).
Graduating seniors applying for the scholarship who have been accepted to graduate school must complete item 5.

1. A resume that is suitable for a job application. The resume should include any academic honors, special projects, activities, training outside of class, and/or work experience that you would like the AAF-BR Scholarship Selection Committee to consider.
2. A transcript of all college studies, including grades from the preceding semester and notations for courses in progress.
3. A letter from the applicant to the AAF-BR Scholarship Selection Committee outlining his or her career goals and professional interests, and how his or her college experience relates to these goals and interests. Formatting: 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, maximum 500 words double spaced.
4. Two letters of academic and/or professional recommendation (contact info of the letters’ authors MUST be included in letters).
5. Graduating seniors applying for scholarship: A letter from an accredited graduate or professional school that notes acceptance into a program related to advertising.

Submit completed application by April 26th, 2024 to info@aafbr.org with subject line “2024 Student Scholarship Applications” as a zipped file w/ filename being your first & last name & StudentScholarship (ex. “JoePublic_StudentScholarship”).

For any questions, please contact info@aafbr.org.

Sophie Goodgion – Formerly Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship 2015 Recipient

Receiving the Jeff Wright Memorial scholarship was a rewarding and influential landmark in my collegiate career. But as a soon-to-be graduate in advertising, it meant more to me than a financial boost or distinguished accolade. For me, it was a confirmation that I was on the right path, that my efforts could make an impact and that my future was something to be excited about. Having worked in the professional field of advertising for two years now, I can say my excitement and gratitude hasn’t faded one bit.

To the future recipients of this award I’d like to say congratulations, you deserve it, and I’ll see you in the real world—you’re going to crush it.


Hye Jung – Formerly Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship 2016 Recipient

Receiving the Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship has helped me in so many ways—one, it helped me financially as I was approaching the end of my college career, but more than that, it was a recognition of my achievements as an advertising student. I think as a college student on the verge of graduating, it is so common to doubt your potential and fear how you’re going to embrace the real world. I was no different, but when I was chosen as the recipient of this scholarship, I felt a sense of relief and renewed confidence in myself. In addition, finding out about the past recipients and how well they were doing instilled in me the motivation to keep working hard, even after graduating. It was such an honor to receive this scholarship and to this day, I appreciate each and every member of AAF-BR who recognized me and celebrated this award with me.


Kathleen “Katie” Smith – Formerly Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship 2017 Recipient

It’s always been an easy thought to work hard and be more in all aspects of my life, especially when it came to my future career in advertising. Naturally, that’s why I applied for the Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship. One of the most well-rounded local advertising professionals, Jeff Wright, fulfilled a lifetime of service not only to this industry, but he also inspired and treated others exactly how I aspire to live my life. After receiving this incredible honor last May, the monetary value helped me achieve my lifelong dream to study abroad as well as help instill confidence to land my first “big girl” job straight out of college. By studying abroad last summer, I was obligated to test new horizons, appreciate new ways of life as well as influenced to expand my personal bubble. Upon returning from this journey, I returned to my last semester at LSU plus my internship at Lamar with a new pair of lenses. I began to feel and be more present in conversations than before, I became more willing to say “Yes” to harder tasks, and I found peace in answering the question, “Is advertising the right profession for me?” By growing in these aspects of my life, I truly believe this is why I was able to acquire a phenomenal entry level position as a National Sales Campaign Coordinator at Lamar Advertising. The Jeff Wright Memorial Scholarship Award isn’t just a scholarship nomination. This is a type of honor that continuously encourages one to be “chefs and not waiters,” as Jeff used to say.