If you are like most of us, you love America and know it is a wonderful country. You also are like many of us who know there are things in our society that need attention and need it now. Racism is one of those. When pressed, most Americans today, would not vote to construct a race hierarchy into our American system. The fact remains, it was constructed and it is still here…like old laws on the books, we need to end racism in America and the ending of it is up to us: “we the people”

The Dialogue on Race series, provides for you to have a greater understanding of what is racism, how it operates in our institutions, what measures have been used to end it, how they are working/not working and why talking about it is a key part of eliminating racism and what you can do.

The Dialogue On Race program is a 6 week dialogue series, limited to 6 participants. There are 2 upcoming series:

March 20 – April 24
Every Tuesday from Noon until 2:00 pm
March 29 – May 10
Every Thursday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Contact Orhan Mc Millan for details: 225.324.7075 or orhanmc@dezinsinteractive.com.