Ralph Sims was a rare individual who made an indelible mark on AAF-Baton Rouge. To honor his achievements, the club created the Ralph Sims Award honoring Lifetime Achievement in Advertising Education in 2008 to be given to a Baton Rouge advertising professional who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and mentoring of area college and university students. Sadly, Sims passed away earlier this year, but his award is proudly carried on in his memory. At the May 1 member luncheon, AAF-BR named Karen Gaupp-Wozniak as the first recipient of this prestigious award. Gaupp-Wozniak aspires to carry on the principles and creativity of the field at the highest level by mentoring and dedicating her firm to the next generation of advertising professionals. She sponsors five advertising students per year at AAF-BR luncheons. She also participates as a speaker or sponsor at the annual AAF-BR Student Conference. Like Sims, Gaupp-Wozniak is a dedicated professional of advertising and involved in community business organizations. She has been involved in countless Baton Rouge non-profits such as, River Road African American Museum, Capital Area CASA, Baton Rouge Symphony, LSU Opera, AAF-BR, and many others. Gaupp-Wozniak is dedicated to teaching and working with younger professionals in our market, ensuring that we as seasoned advertising veterans instill the virtues of the advertising profession. In her words, “Ralph believed that the gift of our profession is with our younger generation, as we were once in their places as college students, young professionals or professionals who were in the earlier part of their careers. I believe it is incumbent upon those of us who have been able to enjoy the fruits of our profession to reach out to those who can enjoy it in future years.”

When Hunter Territo joined AAF-BR last summer, he immediately volunteered for the ADDY committee. And it wasn’t just lip service. Territo became involved from start to finish – from the planning meeting to hosting the wrap party. His enthusiasm, creativity and laid-back personality kept the committee on an even keel. Most notable was Territo’s leadership skills with student volunteers. He was able to rally students from several disciplines – including the Design School, Mass Communications, Theatre and Photography departments – creating an innovative team of students unmatched in previous years. For his contributions that shone above all other newcomers in 2008-09, we proudly award the 2009 Rising Star Award to Hunter Territo. Shining Star Citations go to Barbara Braud and Patricia Sterpu, who were also nominated for the Rising Star Award.

About the Rising Star Award
The AAF-BR Board of Directors presents the Rising Star Award annually to the new member who has been the most actively involved in club activities, given the most toward the betterment of the Federation and set a shining example for other members during his or her first year of membership