Gerald Garrison, CME, Garrison and Assoc Advertising

Having been a member of AAF-BR for 32 years (he remarks wryly, “probably longerthan the average member of the club today has been alive!”), Gerald Garrison has made numerous contacts with clients and local media reps through his involvement with the club. He credits AAF-BR with helping his agency grow to what it is today. Gerald’s favorite AAF-BR memory is his very first ADDY® Awards ceremony in 1977.  “We had just opened our office here in Baton Rouge, and coming from North Louisiana, the party atmosphere was so amazing and fun! We won several awards that night and they had an open bar all night long!”

Garrison and Associates is excited to have been selected to head a project for 2011 that involves over 650 McDonald’s in 6 states; the agency will be developing a “Regional” strategy for beverages. In addition to his work, which he finds quite enjoyable, Gerald enjoys tennis, golf, and a myriad of outdoor activities.

When asked to give any advice to new club members, he says, “I know everyone says to ‘get involved’ in the Ad Fed – but I would suggest more than simple ‘involvement’ – find an area of the club that you are passionate about and work like crazy in that one area.”