LevelUp Student Conference

The 2021 AAF-BR LevelUp student conference is a premier symposium for college students from across Louisiana to connect with creative professionals and gain valuable insight and feedback from marketing industry experts. 

AAF-BR Speaker Series: Dr. Tiffany Bowden

Dr. Tiffany Bowden, Diversity Consultant and TED Talker (among many other things) shares how advertisers of today can strive to achieve inclusive design!

American Advertising Awards (Watch Party at Curbside)

All those not attending the drive-in American Advertising Awards event are welcome to join the official watch party event at Curbside Burgers! SPACE IS LIMITED! Each ticket includes one free drink and an official American Advertising Awards bracelet.

American Advertising Awards Show

Join us for the first ever American Advertising Awards DRIVE-IN! This year’s event is sure to be out of this world!