When: Friday, Sept. 7, 2012
Time: 8:30am-10:30am
Location: Juban’s
Cost: $10 for professionals, $5 for students

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Are your ideas flimsy? Do you feel like your ideas scamper away in the dark and hide the moment you share them? Are you jealous of those rocking few who seem to come up with novel, creative solutions to even the most hard-nosed of problems, the kind of ideas that are uttered along side angelic voices while beams of light fall from the heavens? Good, because Reign Creative Director and Caffeine for the Creative Mind author Stefan Mumaw has the plan to turn your creative output from sparse to habitual. “Habit” explores where creativity hides and how we can generate ideas in greater quantity and quality, regardless of job title or project restrictions. Don’t settle for routine thoughts and stale solutions, crank up your ideation and learn how to boost the potential of your concepts.

“Habit” is an exploration of what creativity is and isn’t, debunking the myths that creativity is just an ‘AHA!” moment and that some are creative while others aren’t. The session touches on what we can do to increase our creative potential, treating creativity like a muscle that can be worked, strengthened and conditioned to produce when and where we need. We’ll also explore the role of failure in the creative process and how a healthy dose of ‘smart failure’ makes for a well-seasoned creative. The session includes a variety of creative exercises to amplify points, done at the attendees’ tables that are covered in butcher paper and include markers, pens, colored-pencils, crayons and anything else they could want to document ideas as they come, right there on the table itself. We’ll even bring a few on stage to solve these creative challenges in front of an audience and reward their courage with signed books. Attendees leave with an understanding that everyone, regardless of position, rank or title, can generate worthwhile ideas for any problem.