ADDYs Call for Entries

It’s here. There’s no turning back now. AAF-BR ADDYs 2013 Professional Call For Entries is tomorrow. TOMORROW!* Below is everything you need to know.

Start the online entry process here:

Professional Call For Entries Drop Off Date is: Thursday, January 17 from 6PM-9PM
Student Call For Entries Drop Off Date is: Thursday, January 24 from 6PM-9PM

Both will take place at Lamar Outdoor Advertising’s corporate office:
5321 Corporate Boulevard Baton Rouge, LA 70808

We’re only accepting payments at Call For Entries drop-off nights, NOT online. We accept cash, most credit cards (no AMEX) and checks.

When you drop-off items, remember:
-Two copies of each entry
-Two copies of entry form, for each entry
-Entry ID label on the back of each corresponding entry AND on the bag of each corresponding entry
-One copy of signed manifest form (Print this out as last step of online entry process. You can access and print the form from “pay now” button on registration site’s left column)

A handy “how to enter” guide:

Still things you need to know? Contact us

*Pardon the dramatics. We blame Downton Abbey.