Friday, Nov. 1, 2013
11:30am-1:00pm at Juban’s


Bill Fletcher

(Partner at Fletcher Rowley | Appeared on AMC’s The Pitch)
Bill Fletcher is a writer, photographer and director. He came of age as a journalist when Hunter Thompson and Woodward and Bernstein were at the height of their powers. Raised on farms in East Tennessee and Southwest Virginia, he built a darkroom in the basement of a farmhouse and hasn’t stopped creating since. By age 15, he was working as a news photographer. At 22, he was a reporter, editor and columnist for a daily newspaper and a television commentator. He was a hard-hitting political journalist who pulled no punches in his profiles of political and corporate personalities.

Fletcher has consulted for Democratic candidates as a media consultant and trusted advisor since 1984. He also has a broad base of corporate experience including work in the consumer goods, health care, insurance and music industries. He has worked extensively with real estate developers and is an expert at crisis management.

Fletcher’s work for his political and corporate clients includes producing high quality film, video and audio projects as well as managing public relations, team building, driving media coverage, contract negotiation, marketplace analysis, media buying, web site design, crisis management and overall strategic guidance.

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