The 2011 Baton Rouge ADDY Awards are in the books and the Twitter Feed at the event was a huge success. Over 500 plus tweets used the hashtag #addybr and we came up with an extremely unofficial list of our favorites. This was compiled using no official judges, nominating committee, or any guidelines for why each was chosen other than the simple fact was they made me laugh.

8:45 pm – @rockitscience:
The addys are tonight… what to wear… giant egg? j lo green dress? fartman costume? Decisions, decisions… #addybr

1:33 am – @brentasims: People of the #addybr I’m the all powerful twitter-wall — I have come to rule your world. On your knees, human!

1:51 am – @SageTheriot: I heard Lindsey lohan is going to be at the #addybr awards tonight! Ladies, hide your necklaces!!

1:59 am – @rockyourjacques: In the end, I’m glad #addybr went with the addystache and not my original suggestion, the addymerkin

2:11 am – @VictorCanada: @howardhall24 Wow. I’m one of the ones with a jump drive in my pocket. #ProudNerd at #addyb

2:24 am -@joshdickerhoof: #addybr hey drunk people! If you read this yell poop!

2:31 am – @johnworrel: Open bar for the #addybr is about as good of an idea as having an open bar for an AA meeting. #wealldrunks

2:32 am – @brentasims: Ok, digital wave left to right on my mark… #addybr

2:33 am – @brentasims: And… mark, go go go digital wave left to right… #addybr

2:39 am – @KellySpell: Ya’ll are clogging my feed ;)RT @JaredLoftus Nothing like a live twitter feed in a room full of creative people with ADD #AddyBR

2:55 am – @levihalley: Winner of the 2011 Most Cocktail Shrimp on Tiny Plate… Rodrick Halley, Lamar Advertising. #AddyBR

3:02 am – @johnworrel: We have a photobooth at the #addybr I want a kissing booth next year

3:11 am – @Davidachee: Did anyone do any happy commercials? I feel like I’m watching Patch Adams. #addybr

3:16 am – @rockyourjacques: Colleen Jackson pulled fourteen orphans from a burning bus. #colleenfacts #addybr

3:33 am –  @johnworrel: All these PBR advertisements make me want to drink cheap beer. #addybr

4:07 pm – @kylebove: Wow. Mixing a live Twitter feed with an open bar can be dangerous. Had the best time at #addybr, though!