Letter from AAF-BR President: Hunter Territo

Dear AAF-BR members, A few weeks ago, the Baton Rouge Business Report asked me to give a statement on behalf of AAF-BR on a proposed tax on the advertising industry. As you may know, THIS WOULD BE ONE OF MANY NEW professional service taxes designed to offset the...

Toys, Motorcycles, Kids and Plenty of Smiles for this Holiday Season!

This past Sunday I attended the AAF-BR and Nubian Kruzer’s toy delivery event. I have wanted to attend for a couple years but never could make it for one reason or another. This year, I made it a point to attend and bring my 3-year-old son (we drove behind the motorcycles in my car). The event is everything you’d think it would be… fun and heart-warming and slightly badass given all of the motorcycles… but I didn’t expect it to really touch me the way that it did.